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From: Jeff Witters (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 19:03:54 EDT

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    > >>
    >In that case, might the ICR & AiG sites be the wide road, and the ASA
    >the narrow gate with few who find it? ;-)
    >I hope the original posting was as serious with it's implied message as
    >is serious.
    > >>
    >The original post was serious.
    >I do not understand your point, however.
    >I have run into enough folks who at one time "bought into" the YEC
    >position and subsequently rejected Christianity altogether to believe it
    >is a serious issue. Glenn Morton has also encountered a lot of this.
    >Burgy (John Burgeson)

    I am at least as fallible as anyone else, so forgive me for an apparent
    misreading. I took the post of the solitary verse to be what I have
    personally encountered too many times: an implication that YEC is the
    narrow gate/road which few will find. My point was only to make what I took
    to be the implicit message more explicit. And, yes, it is a very serious
    issue to be tying salvation to what seems to be an untenable position in
    light of the reason and other imago dei traits God gave us.

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