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Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 10:31:59 EDT

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    Todd Green wrote (in part):

    << It is clear that non-YECs are critical (as they should be) of both
     young earth creationism and of the exclusivist attitudes which so
     many YECs have wrapped YEC up in. But non-YECs have not and do not
     claim that a person's belief in young earth creationism puts their
     salvation in danger, or makes their faith "suspect" or
     "compromising." >>

    Certainly, I have never considered a YEC's faith "suspect", but
    it could depend on how one defines "compromising".

    If you mean that a YEC view compromises the coherence and
    integrity between the various subdisciplines of science, then
    yes, I might consider _some_ of their views "compromised".

    However, if you mean as people, as fellow sinners on a long
    journey learning like everyone else how to rectify their ways,
    then no, I don't expect that the Lord will give a hoot what
    people thought of evolution in this life. The Lord looks at
    the heart.

    By Grace we proceed,

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