Urban evo legend; audio version of Jericho

From: M.B.Roberts (topper@robertschirk.u-net.com)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 08:27:19 EDT

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    What about this one?

    In the 70s I was curate at a church in Wigan, Lancashire - not far from Wigan Pier. Iwas going into the school teaching and gave bible stories to infants (5-8 yrs) and worked through the Old Testament.

    So of course I did the storming of Jericho and said that when they walked round suddenly there was an earthquake and the walls came tumbling down. All good evangelical stuff I thought.

    Not so! The vicar blew me up for false teaching and said that it was the vibrations from the trumpets which caused the walls to collapse. He did not like my response ! Can anyone explain the physics on how it could happen? Come on Moorad!

    Sometime before I was in his study for a staff meeting and I spied a new book on his shelves - The Genesis Record by Henry Morris. I asked what had he got it for. He replied a useful book and I suppose I said the wrong thing by saying it was rubbish!! Well it is !

    Then on a delightful occasion his wife went to see my wife and told her that they had no evidence I was a Christian. Presumably because I dont go round telling everyone the date and time when I became a Christian - which I cant do as I dont know (nor care)

    That vicar is now Archdeacon of Swindon in the Church of England and has apparently "mellowed".

    Perhaps this encapsulates several things in the discussion.

    Michael Roberts

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