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Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 14:44:38 EDT

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    Gregory posted:

    "I gave numerous examples. How can the
    comments I cited from this very list be interpreted any other way? They
    have clearly portrayed YEC's as being agents of the devil and on the road

    to hell."

    You included at least one of my comments in your list. If you interpret
    that comment as portraying my (several) YEC friends as being either
    agents of Satan or "on the road to hell" you have more imagination than I

    I consider Duane Gish, for instance, as a friend. I think he is way off
    base, and he thinks the same of me. What that has to do with friendship
    is nada.

    Tony Compolo and his wife have very different positions on whether people
    who engage in mongomous same sex relationships are "in sin" in God's
    eyes. See their public debate on this in

    but in spite of this they get along as husband and wife just fine.

    Some things are -- perhaps -- salvation issues (I've been reading
    Bultmann recently, and it is clear that his set of these is smaller than
    mine). Origins issues are not, at least that's been my position for a
    long time. I think Gish, to some extent at least, agrees with me.
    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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