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From: Hofmann, Jim (jhofmann@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 12:33:43 EDT

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    Thanks for placing a link to our Cal State Fullerton courses on the ASA
    site. I usually teach them as part of a team with Bruce Weber in our
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. We greatly appreciate the material
    you have made available to us and our students. Later today I will make our
    link to ASA more prominent on our page. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    Jim Hofmann
    Philosophy Department and Liberal Studies Program
    California State University Fullerton

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    Subject: How the links page might look on the ASA web site

    Here is a model of how the list of links on the ASA web site might look.
    Dennis, Jack and Terry will make the final format determinations, of
    course. I have created the information for everyone but me from
    information posted here. The appearance of any link on the ASA web site
    will be, of course, up to the individual.
    Glenn Morton, geologist

    Lots of creation/evolution information/anthropology/geology
    /paleontology/theology/personal stories of struggle. I have carved out a
    brand new theological position for the flood and how to view evolution.
    No one else I am aware of had ever held to evolution, old earth AND the
    view that the Bible is telling a detailed history.
    Vince D. Calhoun, MA, MS, PhD Candidate (UMBC), Research Engineer
    Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Psychiatric Neuro-Imaging

    "An author [or researcher] should never conceive himself as bringing into
    existence beauty or wisdom which did not exist before, but simply and
    solely as trying to embody in terms of his own art some reflection of
    eternal Beauty and Wisdom...And always, of every idea and of every
    method the Christian will ask not, 'Is it mine?' but 'Is it good?", CS
    Dr. Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, Colorado

    Over the years, I have written a variety of book reviews and essays, many
    the now defunct Science and Christianity mailing list. This site provides
    links to them.
    John W. Burgeson (Burgy), Retired physicist; computer engineer

    "Most study physics to satisfy some requirement. Some study physics to
    the tricks of Nature so they may find out how to make things bigger or
    smaller or faster or stronger or more sensitive. But a few, a very few,
    physics because they wonder -- not how things work, but why they work.
    wonder what is at the bottom of things -- the very bottom, if there is a
            Lewis Carroll Epstein, THINKING PHYSICS, 1989

    "It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature
    Physics concerns only what we can SAY about nature."
            Neils Bohr, source not identified, probably about 1935

    "Philosophy attains its chief importance by fusing the two, namely
    religion and
    science, into one rational scheme of thought."
            Alfred North Whitehead, PROCESS AND REALITY, 1929
    Jim Hofmann, Philosophy Department and Liberal Studies Program
    California State University Fullerton

    Todd S. Greene
    George L. Murphy, physicist, Lutheran clergyman

    "The Science-Theology Dialogue"
    Keith B. Miller, professor of geology
    Department of Geology
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS 66506

    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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