FW: Why?/Re: Answersingenesis

From: Gregory P. Kerr (gkerr@mail.bluefield.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 11:32:30 EDT

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    You write:
    "Young earth creationists (very many, while I will acknowledge that it
    is not all of them) have clearly made this an issue which divides the
    good Christians from the bad Christians. Since this is the true
    situation, there is something clearly wrong with turning around and
    saying, as you are apparently doing, that people should not express
    criticism of this "exclusivist" (divisive) approach that so many YECs
    have taken. Let's be forthrightly honest about the situation."
    "...But non-YECs have not and do not
    claim that a person's belief in young earth creationism puts their
    salvation in danger, or makes their faith "suspect" or
    "compromising." Of course, if you think my assessment is incorrect,
    please show me the discussion I haven't been following which shows

    Not only have you not been following this discussion, you must not have
    finished reading my posting. I have shown that non-YEC's claim that the YEC
    view makes their faith suspect! I gave numerous examples. How can the
    comments I cited from this very list be interpreted any other way? They
    have clearly portrayed YEC's as being agents of the devil and on the road
    to hell.

    My point was not that YEC's are innocent of the attitudes you point out,
    but that many non-YEC's are guilty as well.


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