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From: Gregory P. Kerr (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 10:15:17 EDT

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    As a relatively new addition to this list, I have been amazed at the type
    of criticisms leveled against those that do not hold to evolution and to
    those that hold to YEC. The venom, not science, that has been expressed is
    quite telling. I've collected some of these and assembled them here with
    my assessment of the trait attributed to anti-evolutionists and YEC's by
    this list. (The first, however, is perhaps the most telling as it displays
    the lack of awareness of the comments being made on this list.)

    " I have *never* - encountered one single non-YEC Christian who has ever
    considered this matter to be a salvation
    issue, or who has considered that a Christian's perspective *on this
    particular matter* to, in itself, has any bearing on a Christian's standing
    with God. We must be honest and clear about who it is who typically uses
    particular issues by which to judge the faith of other Christians."

    I guess the author has not been following the discussion lately.

    Another example: "...proud and foolish since they consider their
    thoughts to be infallible..... I would venture to say
    that those who are divisive [over YEC] are not Christians and are actually
    allies of
    the devil himself."

    Idolaters: "A good observation of modern day idolitry."

    Self Deceived/Destructive to the Christian Faith:
    "When people who disagree with YEC are called "compromisers" it certainly
    looks more like the language of
    politics, in my opinion.... To the sensitive and reflective person, such
    charges are very
    troubling. Probably half the sins I've committed as a Christian
    were due to some form of compromise that went too far. On the
    other hand, another half again were due to self deception that
    went way too far, and I still think those sins (of self deception)
    have been the most destructive to the good name of the Christian

    Childish/Heretics/Destroyers of Faith:
    "Somewhere Martin Rudwick wrote that many criticiuse the Christian Faith
    an understanding which stopped developing when they left sunday school at
    or 11. A recent silly example is the Diocesan Children's work in Blackburn
    which held a Noah's Ark day at Blackpool Zoo thus reinforcing heresy and
    destroying kiddies' faith"

    "Assuming the answersingenesis reported number is inflated by a factor of

    Lovers of Money:
    "Another purpose is that the ICR and AIG are money generating machines,
    staffed by professional YECs. That in itself is an incentive to
    popularize it. And who best to sell to, but a ready-made market of the
    Church laity,
    already primed for the picking."

    Self Deifying:
    "Before the immaculate conception of Henry Morris"

    On the Road to Hell:
    "For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there
    are fiew who find it. Mt. 7:14"

    Apparently, the ASA should remove "science" from the name, as this
    discussion is anything but scientific.

    Gregory P. Kerr, Ph.D.
    Chair, Division of Science and Mathematics
    Bluefield College
    Bluefield VA

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