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    Robert Miller wrote:

    >> At 08:11 PM 4/2/01 -0400, you wrote in part;
    >> > Greetings:
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    >> > One limiting feature of our site is the intellectual level of much
    >> > of the material. With the exception of the Youth Page, some
    >> > historical material, and notable others the average home school
    >> > parent, youth leader and church leader cannot connect. There is a
    >> > positive side. The great bulk of the material has faced referees!
    >> > Enough said.
    >> To contribute my $0.02 I think we are fooling ourselves if we think
    >> we can win the hearts and minds of homeschooling mothers, etc., by
    >> use of our intellectual material. I think we are targeting the wrong
    >> audience, and will never be able to compete with the ICR PR
    >> juggernaut. I think we should target the audience that we can
    >> naturally appeal to - the seminaries. If we can win the seminaries,
    >> that is the professors who teach the pastors, we can have hope of
    >> making an impact in the churches. I think that is doable. I
    >> recommend you build your web site to appeal to the seminaries.
               I think Bob is right that the basic problem in trying to
    enlighten YECs & their ilk is theological. While scientific issues
    certainly have to be dealt with, no real progress can be made without
    convincing people that genuine Christian faith & thought need not be
    tied to an understanding of Gen.1-3 as literal history.
               Whether or not that can be communicated with the ASA website
    is another matter. We have to remember that at the official level the
    ASA does not favor evolutionary understandings of creation & an ancient
    universe over YEC views, & that we have YEC members. That puts us at a
    considerable disadvantage with respect to ICR, AiG, & even OEC outfits
    like Reasons to Believe: They can promote unambiguous positions on the
    critical issue of human evolution & we can't. The best we can do is
    make it clear that there are many scientists who are committed &
    theologically knowledgeable Christians who accept evolution.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Dialogue"

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