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    Limiting? Who is limiting? I hear this "diatribe" all the time and it just
    falls flat. There is actually a difference in what God can do and what God
    did do. Maybe we limit God to not creating with a false history, or perhaps
    God limits Himself from creating a reality with a false history. And if God
    does create with a false history, isn't it our "Christian" duty to accept
    what God has intended and assume it is real. Or are we to limit our view of
    creation by a certain interpretation of Genesis? But then you hear, "How can
    we possibly know anything about the creation outside of scripture, with just
    our feeble human intellect?" While we have feeble human intellect also
    telling us what interpretation is the proper one.

    Whether Genesis creation chapters are to be taken literally or allegorically
    has no bearing on describing the position and spiritual state of man. It is
    the YEC that demands it.

    Stephen J. Krogh, P.G.
    The PanTerra Group

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    Preposterous only when we place improper limits on God,(emphasis on

    We are the limiting factor here, at best we are only able to apprehend
    (not comprehend) who God is and what He is capable of. To assume
    otherwise is pure folly, but Man has a long and "PROUD" history of
    believing himself to be more capable than he ought. We are our biggest
    fan, and too infatuated with our own cleverness.

    If we hold the Genesis account of Creation to be allegorical, then Man
    is not in a fallen state, there is no need for a Savior, and for that
    matter, there's no need for the Scriptures, so the whole young
    earth -vs- old earth debate is a waste of time.

    On the subject of prayer, God always "answers" our prayers. Too often,
    we define an "answered prayer" as one God responds to in a way
    consistent with our desired outcome. "No" is an equally valid response,
    even when we are walking in the Lord.

    The purpose of prayer is not to get God to change His plans. Prayer
    conforms us to His plan for our lives, and should be a conversation with
    God not a diatribe.

    Peace be with you,

    Brian Panaccione

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    Moorad Alexanian wrote:

    > I often wondered how the promise of God to answer all our prayers
    jibes with
    > actual, personal experiences. It downed on me that if we are truly in
    > Lord, then the prayers we ask will definitely be answered. Similarly,
    > one confronts moral situations, the Ten Commandments are guiding
    > that together with our walk in the light of the Truth, which is
    > will determine our moral choices pleasing to God. The question of what
    > happened in the past, the history of mankind, is a difficult one. I
    > criticize YEC since one is not convinced, beyond a reasonable doubt,
    of what
    > took place.

            It is not heretical to believe that the universe was created in
    6 days
    6000 years ago but it is preposterous.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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