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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 14:10:35 EDT

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    >>These statistics are interesting and discouraging. It would also be
    interesting to know such figures for other web sites whether YEC, PC, or
    TE. Can anyone come up with a list of such sites besides the ones you
    mentioned and Reasons to Believe?>>

    Terry Gray's post here was useful. There are a number of ways of
    measuring web activity,
    main page hits only (which I use), Hits to every individual page, lengyh
    of time spent
    "at" the site, etc.

    I think nobody will dispute the fact that we are down 23 to 1 and it is
    getting into the late innings.

    And the bull pen is tired.

    And our top hitter has an average under the Mendoza line.

    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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