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From: Todd S. Greene (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 10:57:57 EDT

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    Hi, David.

    There is a standing joke among many atheists in online discussion groups
    that Henry Morris and Duane Gish are covert members of the worldwide
    atheist conspiracy (WAC), his efforts with YEC being very successful in
    efforts to discredit Christianity by atheists antagonistic to religion.
    *The Screwtape Letters* in real life.

    Todd S. Greene

    ###### David Campbell ("bivalve"), 4/2/01 10:26 AM ######
    I have sometimes wondered about the apparent inability of Johnson and
    certain young-earth advocates to notice what Provine noted-their
    effectiveness as promoting atheism. The most extreme versions are the
    statements proudly proclaiming "atheists prefer debating/dealing with me
    rather than those theistic evolutionists". Johnson is a lawyer; surely
    he realizes that it would not be a complement if all the local attorneys
    clamored to have him as their opponent.


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