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From: Mccarrick Alan D CRPH (MccarrickAD@nswccd.navy.mil)
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 10:00:00 EDT

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    Chuck wrote:

    >My advice is to discuss the geological record and the flaws in the logic
    >of(some of the )YEC-adherent but not to make too big of a deal of it.

    >Finally, a word of caution: beware of the "domino theory:" some vulnerable
    >Christians may not see a "middle road" between a literal interpretation of
    >the Bible and total unbelief. Let's be careful that we don't make any
    >Christian stumble.

    Did any of you read the editor's page in the current PSCF journal. Roman talked
    of the "loss of faith" of some students at his school when confronted with tough
    questions. We bring those tough ones to our students. The job of presenting to
    Christians a wider view of issues (whether in a Sunday School or Christian Highs
    School or College) is one that requires prayer and wisdom - and I might add time
    for dialogue. As Christ warned that there is a terrible price for making "one of these
    little ones to stumble."

    Al McCarrick

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