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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 08:45:55 EDT

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    Jonathan Clarke wrote:

    << I think the role of [Sunday school] material, together with Bible
    story books, etc., in formulating attitudes of Christians to a number
    of issues is under estimated. This is especially the case that such
    material is often visual. How many pictures of the garden of Eden for
    example, have lions lying with the lamb, or even dinosaurs in the
    background with a pale skinned blond or brown haired Adam and Eve
    (Adam clean shaven of course) with strageically placed greenery in
    the foreground? Or with the flood account, how many have animals from
    the Americas east Asia, or Australia boarding the ark? the power of
    such images in colouring the perceptions of people, especailly those
    who might think no further about them, may be very great.

    A good observation of modern day idolitry. There really
    is nothing new under the sun.

        "Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make
        for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold. " (Ex 20:23)

    However, I suspect that in the US this is also rooted in the
    "America", "apple pie", "God and country", notions of patriotism
    as well. (Naturally the label "America" exclude Canada, Mexico,
    Brazil etc., but who thinks about what they are saying when they
    talk politics?) When people who disagree with YEC are called
    "compromisers" it certainly looks more like the language of
    politics, in my opinion. It seems like religion and politics
    are rarely separated.

    To the sensitive and reflective person, such charges are very
    troubling. Probably half the sins I've committed as a Christian
    were due to some form of compromise that went too far. On the
    other hand, another half again were due to self deception that
    went way too far, and I still think those sins (of self deception)
    have been the most destructive to the good name of the Christian

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

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