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Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 20:03:57 EDT

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    Thanks for the comments, Jon. I knew I'd probably get in trouble with you by
    using that Maori example. ;-) My point was to try and use an example that
    didn't carry so much emotional baggage for those of us on the wrong side of
    the globe!

    By the way, I don't have my sources handy but I believe my info came from two
    papers by NZ historian John Stenhouse. One was in the recent book edited by
    Ron Numbers and Stenhouse "Disseminating Darwinism: The Role of Place, Race,
    Religion, and Gender". [Reviewed recently in Books and Culture by Jim Moore;
    see ]. The other was a fairly recent (late
    2000?) article by Stenhouse and Numbers in the British Journal for the
    History of Science.

    Karl V. Evans

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    << NZ and Oz are sufficently different not to be lumped together by the
     hemisphere antipodeans. It is as dangerous an error as calling a Canadian an
     American, a Scot an Englishman, or a Netherlander Belgian :-)
     I don't know many Maori personally but what I do know is that many Maori
     tend to lean towards the very fundamentalist and pentecostal or charismatic
     of the spectrum. I suspect that YEC is taken as part of the package, along
     suits, ties, and the KJV. It is possible that as a enthic group they feel
     less ownership than usual in the scientific culture and are therefore even
     likely to dispense with scientific discoveries.

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