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    > As I see it, you, and perhaps others in the theistic evolutionary camp, fail
    > to acknowledge and come to grips with some of the baneful side effects
    > Darwinian evolution has had on Western culture, from the historic
    > Judeo-Christian perspective, and prefer to view evolution idealistically, as
    > a purely scientific theory, as if it has no cultural impact. I would like
    > to read more of what you think in that regard.
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    It appears to me that you are close to suggesting that we should
    hold evolution by natural selection to be false, not because it is
    false, but because of its consequences (baneful side effects) whether
    it is true or not.

    Your concern with the "baneful side effects" seems to conflate the two
    significnt questions.

    1. Is evolution by natural selection a substantially accurate account
       of natural history?
    2. Does evolution imply atheism?

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