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    Provine should be committed. Moorad

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    >The most explicit conclusions that I have heard drawn from the statement
    >you are looking for are in the statement made by Will Provine during one
    >of his debates with Phil Johnson:
    >"The philosophical conclusions of Darwinism have been strongly supported
    >by modern evolutionary biology: no gods, no purposes in nature, no life
    >after death, no ultimate foundations for ethics, no ultimate meaning for
    >life, no free will for humans."
    >Will said that since we have no free will, then criminals should not be
    >punished. His idea is that of a totally mechanistic universe. The quote
    >above can be found at:
    >On Sat, 24 Mar 2001 10:37:34 -0800 Bert M <> writes:
    >> I am looking for a specific quotation. [snip]

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