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    << Certainly, but my point wasn't that statements such as those of Simpson
    should be ignored.
    It is relevant to cite such statements as evidence of the way some scientists
    philosophers have tried to use evolution to further their own anti-religious
    agenda. But it's quite another matter to cite Simpson, Huxley, Dawkins, &c
    as if
    their statements carried some theological weight. >>


    The fact that statements by Simpson and others of like ilk don't carry any
    theological weight is beside the point. The point is that they carry
    sociological and cultural weight, if you will. The intellectual opinion
    leaders of Western society have largely been won over to the anti-religious
    agenda of "some scientists & philosophers" , especially in academia, partly
    as a result of statements made by Simpson, et. al. Do you not agree that
    evolution has become the creation myth of modern society, as Michael Denton
    called it? Is it not the linch-pin of metaphysical naturalism?

    As I see it, you, and perhaps others in the theistic evolutionary camp, fail
    to acknowledge and come to grips with some of the baneful side effects
    Darwinian evolution has had on Western culture, from the historic
    Judeo-Christian perspective, and prefer to view evolution idealistically, as
    a purely scientific theory, as if it has no cultural impact. I would like
    to read more of what you think in that regard.



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