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    << & a footnote to Howard's 2d footnote: Further statements by scientists
    such as
    Simpson that therefore evolution is incompatible with Christianity carry very
    little weight. I am amused when Christian anti-evolutionists cite such
    statements approvingly, as if Simpson et al were expert theologians. >>


    The quotation undoubtedly carries little weight among expert theologians such
    as you. Simpson's book, however, was not written for such experts, but as a
    popular book for the reading public to explain and perhaps popularize
    Darwinian evolution. This would include many scientists who, while being
    experts in their own specialized field of research, may not be specialists in
    evolution, and need to rely on world-class paleontologists, such as Simpson,
    for their understanding of the meaning of evolution. I understand the book
    was widely read. I have done no research on the problem, but I suspect the
    book and its quotation may have played an important role in the acceptance of
    evolution by many opinion leaders in the reading public in the middle of last
    century. It is naive to think that the theological opinions of scientists
    such as Simpson don't carry weight outside the circle of professional
    theologians just because the professionals discount them.

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