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Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 17:11:27 EST

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    "Todd S. Greene" wrote:

    > Hi, George.
    > But when it is expert theologians who are the Christian anti-
    > evolutionists who are doing the citing of Simpson, Dawkins, Sagan, and
    > so on in this regard, then you can cite the expert theologians as
    > confirming what Simpson and others have said. And there is no lack of
    > such theologians.

            I'm not sure what "expert theologians" you have in mind. I find it
    hard to think of any modern theologian who could be described in that way
    who would place any reliance on the theologically superficial arguments of
    Dawkins or Sagan or who would present such arguments him/herself.

    > It is in the scientific area where the general picture
    > of the real world is pretty clear, and there is little disagreement.
    > (The debate is in the particulars.) It is the theological world that is
    > in disarray not only regarding the real world's history and its extent
    > in space and time but also regarding theological aspects that relate to
    > these issues, including humankind's place in these contradictory
    > theological conceptions of the real world.
    > But, yes, it's amusing to see someone cite Simpson's or some other
    > scientist's remarks about theological implications as gospel, while at
    > the same time he is disputing everything else the scientist says on the
    > topic.
    > However, it is quite clear that antiquity and biological evolution are
    > quite incompatible with particular kinds of biblical interpretations
    > and theological conceptions based on them, and in this respect Simpson
    > and others are correct.

            But of course the question is whether Christianity is really tied to
    such interpretations.

    > But it would be interesting to see someone like
    > Richard Dawkins, for example, directly address the points presented by
    > such a discussion as represented by Kenneth R. Miller in his book
    > *Finding Darwin's God*.

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