Re: Glenn Morton's Letters

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 12:57:00 EST

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    Carol -- you posted on the ASA LISTSERV as follows:

    "Hello Glenn:
        I received 2 E-mails from you this afternoon, after returning from 3
    days of field work in the Grand Canyon. I'm not sure what the address is, but I assume that you are sending in a
    "Letter" reply in Perspectives to my article on Noah in the March
    Perspectives from your last statement "Lest anyone criticize me for
    making this criticism publically, I did e-mail Ms. Hill privately last
    week, but got no reply." You sent the first E-mail off Friday (16th) and
    this one on Monday (19th) - do you consider 3 days long enough for
    someone to reply to you?

        I'm attaching both letters of yours and will reply briefly to
    them.... ."

    The "" address is, of course, the ASA LISTSERV (or "mail
    exploder," as some call it) It is a cross between a chat room and a
    bulletin board; think of a caht room which is not in real time. Your post
    exploded to 100s of people.

    Unfortunately, the capacity of the ASA LISTSERV seems to be limited, so
    all that was copied to me, as an ASA LISTSERV subscriber, was all of the
    text of Glenn's first email to you and a very small part of the second.
    Anything you said subsequently did not appear.

    Perhaps you might consider reposting to the LISTSERV in smaller parts?

    I enjoyed your PERSPECTIVES article, Carol, but I do think Glenn's
    comments and objections are quite to the point and deserve your comments
    in return.


    Burgy (John Burgeson) (copy ASA LISTSERV)

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