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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 14:45:08 EST

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    Jim offered the following quotation in response to Bert's request:

    > How about this:
    > "Man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have
    > him in mind"
    > George Gaylord Simpson, The Meaning of Evolution, pp. 344-345.
    > Quoted by Johnson at the following:

    Two comments to keep in mind when quoting such a remark:

    1. This is an expression of Simpson's personal belief, not a statement that
    is (or could be) the conclusion of purely scientific considerations. The
    scientific concept of evolution, for instance, does not lead to this
    conclusion, nor does it need it as a foundational presupposition.

    2. Just because a preacher of naturalism (who also happens to be a prominent
    scientist) says "X", it does not follow that X is true or that X is
    considered to be true by the majority of scientists.

    Howard Van Till

    > --- Bert M <> wrote:
    >> I am looking for a specific quotation.
    >> It was a statement that was made by a well known
    >> organization or person.
    >> This is well known statement but I just cannot find
    >> it.
    >> Something to the effect
    >> "We are the result of a mechanical universe, an
    >> accident, the universe
    >> did not have us in mind."
    >> Anyone know the exact quotation and reference?
    >> Bert M

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