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    --- Bert M <> wrote:
    > I am looking for a specific quotation.
    > It was a statement that was made by a well known
    > organization or person.
    > This is well known statement but I just cannot find
    > it.
    > Something to the effect
    > "We are the result of a mechanical universe, an
    > accident, the universe
    > did not have us in mind."
    > Anyone know the exact quotation and reference?
    > Bert M

    It is probably not what you are looking for, but
    Dawkins has made some statements that are very close
    to the content of your statement above.

    Here goes:

    We are machines built by DNA whose purpose is to make
    more copies of the same DNA Flowers are for the same
    thing as everything else in the living kingdoms, for
    spreading 'copy-me' programmes about, written in DNA

    That is EXACTLY what we are for. We are machines for
    propagating DNA, and the propagation of DNA is a self
    sustaining process. It is every living objects' sole
    reason for living... [CLSG, p. 21]

    We can now see human purpose for what it really is. It
    is a product of our brains that has evolved by natural
    selection. Originally there was no purpose in the
    universe. For 3000 million years, life forms grew on
    this planet dripping with designoid elegance and
    reeking with apparent purpose. Then, came along one
    species that was given, natural selection, not digging
    claws like a mole or streamlining like dolphin, but a
    powerful and flexible on-board computer. This computer
    is our brain and the nature and potential of our brain
    is the difference between us and every other living
    thing. It is our sense of purpose. [CL5]

    CL1-lst 1991 Royal Institution Christmas
    Lecture-Waking up in the universe [series repeated in
    December 1992].

    CL 2-2nd lecture-Designed and designoid objects.

    CL 3-3rd lectur-Climbing Mount Improbable.

    CL 4-4th lecture-The ultraviolet garden.

    CL 5-5th lecture-The genesis of purpose.

    CLSG-Christmas lecture study guide, Growing up in the
    universe, BBC Study Guide to the Christmas lectures,
    London: BBC Education 1991.

    I hope this can be helpful.

    Bjorn Moller


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