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    [Inge Frette]

    | What about inviting Donald Knuth to write an article about
    | faith relating to computer science.
    | Donald Knuth is one of the most - if not THE most - respected
    | computer scientists in the world.
    | He is prof. emeritus at Stanford. His book series "The art of
    | computer programming" is classic.
    | Knuth is also a christian - as I have understood it.
    | I just did a search on the web and found that Knuth delivered
    | the "Pascal Lectures on Christianity and the University"
    | at the University of Waterloo last year.
    | Topic - "Glimpses of God: Faith and Computer Science".

    He has also published a beautiful book called "3:16", a commentary on
    all the 3:16 verses of the Bible.

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