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Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 17:06:55 EST

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    Thanks. Interesting bill. Sounds like a condensed version of Walt Brown's "In the Beginning, Compelling Evidence etc.....


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    >Click on "Arkansas government", then "Legislative branch", then
    >"Representatives, Arkansas", then "Jim Holt", and finally "HB2548"
    >--Brian Greuel
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    >I give up. How do you find this bill on the site?
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    >> wrote:
    >><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><B>Date: </B>Thursday, March 22, 2001 1:20
    >>PM<BR><B>Subject: </B>Arkansas Anti-Science Bill<BR><BR></DIV></FONT>
    >><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>This is to notify you of a situation that has
    >>up in the Arkansas House of Representative, and what we, a small group of
    >>are trying to do to stop this.&nbsp; This email contains a letter to all
    >>concerned about the Arkansas House of Representatives and their
    >consideration of
    >>HB 2548 brought forth from Representative Jim Holt.&nbsp; If you need to
    >see the
    >>original bill, please go to <A
    >>href=""></A> and look under the
    >House of
    >>Representatives for original amended verbage


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