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Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 13:52:17 EST

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    It looks on the web page as though this bill came up today and failed to pass, though I do not know details of the Arkansas legislative procedures. However, it did receive a plurality of votes (over 40 for, 30 something against, and not quite 20 others identified as abstaining or present. Not sure what present means if they neither abstain nor vote for nor against.).

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    >Don Munro wrote:
    >> Date: Thursday, March 22, 2001 1:20 PM
    >> Subject: Arkansas Anti-Science Bill
    >> This is to notify you of a situation that has come up in the Arkansas
    >> House of Representative, and what we, a small group of people are
    >> trying to do to stop this. This email contains a letter to all
    >> concerned about the Arkansas House of Representatives and their
    >> consideration of HB 2548 brought forth from Representative Jim Holt.
    >> If you need to see the original bill, please go to
    >> and look under the House of Representatives for original amended
    >> verbage. Thanks you,
    >> Patrick C. Carr
    > The title and opening sentences of this bill are a clever
    >disguise, but it soon becomes obvious that it's the crudest sort of
    >anti-evolution stuff without even the merit (such as it might be) of any
    >positive argument for something like "creation science." It seems to me
    >that instead of trying to amend it, it would be better to kill it as
    >quickly as possible.
    >George L. Murphy
    >"The Science-Theology Dialogue"

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