New 3.4 myr hominid found that looks more like us.

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Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 16:27:40 EST

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    Meave Leakey has reported in Nature magazine that she has found a new fossil
    which is much more similar to modern humans than Lucy, the famous fossil
    found by Donald Johanson. One account in the press writes:

    "Although Lucy had a face like a chimpanzee, she walked upright like a
    human. All those before her - and her species, Australopithecus afarensis -
    had a posture similar to apes. She was the missing link.

    Lucy's new Kenyan rival presents an alternative link - one with a flattened
    face and small teeth not dissimilar to modern humans'. This hominid has been
    called Kenyanthropus, meaning flat-faced human from Kenya.

    The name is important. Had the researchers called it a species of Homo, the
    same genus modern-day humans belong to, they would have been stating
    categorically that they thought Kenyanthropus was the ancestor of modern

    Instead, they opted for a new genus altogether and were careful not to take
    a position on whether Lucy and her kind or Kenyanthropus led to modern
    people. Now it is up to anthropologists to argue the point.

    One can find lots of accounts of this at

    This creature's skull is much like that of H. rudolfensis which has been
    shown to have a human birth pattern. This creature may be a much more
    modern being who lived much longer ago and is more humanlike than other
    hominids of that time period. This is the type of fossil which fits quite
    well within my recently criticized views. Other views make no predictions of
    what we will find in the human fossil record.


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