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    I agree

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    It is amazing to me that many churches are going backwards and that we are
    still having this debate. As in Galileo's time, this will only hurt the
    Antony Bakke

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    Some of you may be interested in the report on the framework hypothesis
    made to the the Southern California Presbytery of the OPC (Orthodox
    Presbyterian Church). Apparently ministerial candidates who were not
    holding to a 24 literal days were being given difficulty by the
    Presbytery. Interestingly enough the majority report supported a
    framework hypothesis. I have not read the report and it is apparently
    not online but a fairly full report can be found at the Presbyterian &
    Reformed News url at: I would
    be interested to know what the Presbytery decided or any comments any of
    you have. I think I could get you a copy of the report but the cost is
    about $15.

    The RCUS recently took a 24 hour position on the days of Creation. With
    permission of one of their churches, I placed a link
    ( to this document from my Zoo
    Links page at

    I am ccing this to acb-l (Christian biologists list) since the list has
    been a bit dead lately. If any of them are in the ASA responses, they
    can read them in the archives at url:

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