Templeton/ASA Lecture in Minnesota (update)

From: Sho Takagaki (takagaki@me.umn.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 19:20:15 EST

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    This notice is to let you know about a coming TEMPLETON/ASA lecture
    to be held at the University of Minnesota, with a dinner afterward.

    The lecture was postponed from its originally scheduled date
    (see below for the updated information)

    If any of you would happen to be in the region
    it would be great to see you.



    Sho Takagaki
    Graduate Student
    University of Minnesota

    A Templeton/ASA Lecture
    Organized by the MacLaurin Institute

    Howard Van Till
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Calvin College

    Date : Monday April 2nd
    Time : 4:00 pm
    Location : Cowles Auditorium
               Humphrey Center
               West Bank, Minneapolis Campus
               University of Minnesota
               (On 19th Av S at 3rd St S)
               (Parking available at the ramp across 19th Av S)

    Howard Van Till is known for envisioning a "fully-gifted" creation,
    created by God with all the potential for the formation of the cosmos and
    life. He sees God at work in nature while respecting its "functional

    He has written or contributed to a number of books, including _The Fourth
    Day_, _Science Held Hostage_, _Portraits of Creation_, _Three Views on Creation
    and Evolution_, and _Science and Christianity : Four Views_.



    After the lecture, there will be a supper for ASA members and friends.

    Location : McCormick's Restaurant, private dining room (casual dining)
               Radisson Metrodome Hotel
               Washington Ave SE
               (On the East Bank Campus)
               (Parking available at the ramp across Harvard St,
                or walk from the auditorium)
    Time : 6:15 pm
    Cost : Ranging from $3-$15 (you order)

    Dr Van Till will make some remarks to open discussion.

    This will be a good opportunity to network with other
    people who are interested in the science-theology exchange.

    RSVP to Bill Monsma at:
                                  (612) 331-1003



    For those who cannot make the Monday lecture,
    Dr Van Till will also be speaking at Bethel College on the
    following day.

    Title : Can God and Evolution Coexist?
    Date/Time : Tuesday April 3rd, 4:00 pm
    Location : Bethel College
               (Room is still to be determined)
               St Paul, Minnesota
    Contact person : Ian Johnston
                     (651) 638-6198


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