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    A few years ago, Dr. Gentry was a featured speaker of the local young-earth group. I saw an ad (on the local access cable channel) for it that made numerous ridiculous claims about the mysterious nature of granite formation. At the time I assumed that the local group had failed to do basic research on the topic, but perhaps some of the claims were received. I had a conflict, but a graduate student doing research on granites, then president of the UNC graduate chapter of InterVarsity Christian fellowship, was able to attend and comment.

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    >Note to Chuck:
    >At his website, Robert Gentry provides more detailed information about
    >his polonium halo ideas at
    >in an article called "Radioactive Halos in a Radiochronological and
    >Cosmological Perspective." Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of
    >the Pacific Division. American Association for the Advancement of
    >Science 1, 38.
    >See also "Fingerprints of Creation" at
    >where Gentry discusses some of Kurt Wise's criticisms regarding these
    >halos being good arguments for a young earth.
    >Todd S. Greene
    >###### Chuck Vandergraaf, 3/8/01 10:11 AM ######
    >The web page that Gentry refers to ( ) does not say
    >very much. I don't understand how he can decide that the halo is due to
    >Po-218 that, by his own admission, has a short half life (3 minutes).
    >Po-218 is formed by alpha decay from Rn-222 which in turn is formed by
    >alpha decay of Ra-226 and the "ultimate parent" is U-238. The end
    >product of this decay scheme is Pb-206. Thus, there is a constant supply
    >of Po-218 and I would expect to find Po-218 in my lungs as a result of
    >breathing trace amounts of Radon gas. Granite contains typically ~5 ppm
    >U and, with time, these daughter products will be formed. Even if there
    >is no U-238 in the immediate vicinity of the halo, the mineral that
    >contains the halo could have been crystallized with a trace amount of
    >Ra-226 or even Rn-222. But, maybe I'm missing something in his argument.
    >Regardless, the natural reactor operating at Oklo, Gabon is, to me,
    >proof positive that the earth is very old because nuclear chain
    >reactions are not possible with the current U isotopic composition.

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