Re: Gentry's cosmic model

Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 07:23:17 EST

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    In an attachment found in Keith Miller's post
    Robert Gentry claims:

    << More recently, see for year 2001, I
     reported it also accounts for six other of big bang's major predictions. >>

    Maybe it reflects my own incompetence or indolence with the use of
    search engines, but I tried checking out this URL at Los Alamos
    National Laboratories ( and couldn't find anything
    by Robert Gentry or on Polonium halos.

    In any case, I would think the more appropriate place to submit
    such arguments is to a society devoted to geophysics or geochemistry
    since physicists are not (in general) well versed in petrology and
    geochemistry. IIRR (if I remotely recall), geophysics receives even
    less attention than biophysics in the APS.

    This also gives me the feeling that peer reviewed journals are
    still the essential forums. I say this despite the aggravation
    that "fundamentalist-like" reviewers can cause with their narrow
    minded quibbling: mere cavil that slows down, stalls, and
    otherwise stands firmly in the way of scientific advancement
    and understanding. <caveat> I only pray that when it is my turn
    to be tested, this irritating process hasn't transformed me into
    one of those kind of Pharasees <\caveat>.

    By Grace, and Grace alone do we proceed

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