Re: Gentry's cosmic model

From: Todd S. Greene (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 12:31:45 EST

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    Hi, everyone.

    Here are the online references for Robert V. Gentry's previous work at .

       The Genuine Cosmic Rosetta (6/14/98)

       A New Redshift Interpretation (6/20/98)

       The New Redshift Interpretation Affirmed (10/26/98)

    Anything by Gentry for 2001 are not yet up at
    (not that I could find, anyway).

    Incidentally, I'm wondering (out loud) how Gentry thinks any of this is
    supposed to be relevant to dismissing such "less conjectural," observed
    facts as SN1987A, which on cosmic scales is definitely in our "local
    universe", as an event that occurred approximately 168,000 years ago --
    which flatly disproves the idea that the universe has not been in
    existence longer than, say, 10,000 years. Not to mention the fact that
    polonium halos don't explain how something like the Manicouagan Crater
    (from about 200 million years ago) can erode, lithify, and re-erode in
    less than 10,000 years. There are more "conventional" ideas for
    polonium halos, which don't arbitrarily dismiss the "historical
    after-effects" of things like the Manicouagan Crater.

    Todd S. Greene

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