Re: Earth View

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 17:22:46 EST

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    Thank you. I had meant to add that I thought the image was from another
    satellite, not the ISS. Just could not remember which one. As far as I can
    tell the DSMP series were manfucatured by a number of contractors, but not
    Boeing. Incidently, the image has been edited to show only lights on land.
    Some of the brightest lights on earth are actually those of fishing fleets and
    offshore gas burnoff flares.



    Richard Bowman wrote:

    > Thanks to John Burgeson for the tip on the Astronomy Picture of the Day
    > composite photo showing the lights around the world. I'll try to use it in
    > class next week.
    > Regarding this photo, Jonathan Clarke made a comment that the
    > International Space Station is not just a Boeing product or a US
    > project. However, to set the record straight, John and Jonathan, if one
    > goes to the APOD address cited at the bottom left of this photo, the
    > correct origin of this picture is the DMSP (Defense Meteorological
    > Satellites Program) satellite and not the ISS.
    > Thanks again for the address of this photo.
    > Richard
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