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Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 16:07:48 EST

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    A great image. It was a lot of fun finding places I had lived or been to on

    I have one minor (or major) quibble. The International Space Station is not
    built by Boeing. So far it consists of:

    Zvezda service module (Korolev)
    Zarya functional cargo block (Khrunichev)
    Unity connection node (Boeing)
    SRTM mast (several different trusses and sub units including a solar panel
    Destiny Laboratory
    Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (Italian Space Agency)

    In addition the ISS always has 1 Soyuz ferry/lifeboat attached (built by
    OKB-1) and usually on Progress supply vehicle (NPOE).

    Later additions will include a Canadian manipulator and Japanese and European
    Space Agency modules. There are also components from Brazil.

    The ISS is not the sole work of Boeing or even the US, any more than space is
    the primarily a US playground. Indeed, many of the most significant
    achievements in space travel and exploration have been achieved by countries
    other than the US.



    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > The earth from the space station at night...use the address shown below
    > and
    > bring up a real eye popper...
    > The image is a panoramic view of the world from the new
    > space station. You can scroll East-West and North-South.
    > Canada's population is almost exclusively along the U.S. border.
    > Moving east to Europe, there is a high population concentration along the
    > coast of the Mediterranean. Check out the development of Israel compared
    > to the rest of the Arab countries. Note the Nile River, The Outback
    > of Australia and the TransSiberian Rail Route. Moving east, most
    > striking is the difference between North and South Korea. Truly unique!
    > It is an absolutely awesome picture of the Earth taken from
    > the Boeing built Space Station.
    > Burgy (John Burgeson)
    > (Finally completed)

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