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    The web page that Gentry refers to ( ) does not say
    very much. I don't understand how he can decide that the halo is due to
    Po-218 that, by his own admission, has a short half life (3 minutes).
    Po-218 is formed by alpha decay from Rn-222 which in turn is formed by alpha
    decay of Ra-226 and the "ultimate parent" is U-238. The end product of this
    decay scheme is Pb-206. Thus, there is a constant supply of Po-218 and I
    would expect to find Po-218 in my lungs as a result of breathing trace
    amounts of Radon gas. Granite contains typically ~5 ppm U and, with time,
    these daughter products will be formed. Even if there is no U-238 in the
    immediate vicinity of the halo, the mineral that contains the halo could
    have been crystallized with a trace amount of Ra-226 or even Rn-222. But,
    maybe I'm missing something in his argument. Regardless, the natural
    reactor operating at Oklo, Gabon is, to me, proof positive that the earth is
    very old because nuclear chain reactions are not possible with the current U
    isotopic composition.

    Chuck Vandegraaf
    Pinawa, MB

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    March 2001 Edition


    Microscopic Halos Favor Recent Creation

    Here is a creation/evolution issue pertaining to nuclear physicists,
    astrophysicists, and cosmologists. I have reported Earth's foundation rocks,
    the granites, contain microscopic halos traceable to the alpha decay of
    certain primordial Po isotopes. Their short half-lives demand almost instant
    creation of the host rocks, prior to the Po decaying away. Geologists
    resisted accepting this result; so two decades ago I challenged them to
    sustain their objections by: (i) duplicating just one Po-218 halo in an
    annealed piece of granite, and (ii) synthesizing a small piece of granite to
    confirm that it can form naturally. To me the prolonged silence about this
    test means the Creator uniquely designed both the Po halos and the granites
    to spotlight Genesis' literal six-day creation of the visible cosmos and its
    seventh-day memorial. (See for more on this topic.) In
    1997 I published a new cosmic model based on a finite, nonhomogeneous,
    vacuum-gravity universe with a nearby cosmic Center (C), and showed it
    accounts for the 2.73K CMB, the CMB at higher z, and the Hubble redshift
    relation. More recently, see for year 2001, I reported
    it also accounts for six other of big bang's major predictions.
    Robert V. Gentry
    Knoxville, Tennessee

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