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Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 10:31:18 EST

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    WARNING! "NakedWife" PC Virus
    McAfee, a company that produces anti-virus software,
    has issued a high alert for a new virus discovered on
    Tuesday called NakedWife. Spread by Microsoft Outlook,
    the virus arrives as a file posing as a flash movie
    with this file name: NakedWife.exe. When the .exe file
    is downloaded and executed, it copies itself to a TEMP
    directory and then displays a window titled "Flash"
    that reads "JibJab loading." But at the same time, the
    virus is going to work--sending itself to all the
    names in the Outlook address book, as well as deleting
    files in the Windows and system directories with the
    extensions .bmp, .com, .dll, .exe, and .ini. The end
    result? With these file types gone, it will be almost
    impossible to run your computer. Because of the way it
    replicates itself, the infected mail can come from an
    address that you recognize. Be on the lookout for
    e-mail with this subject line: Fw: Naked Wife Body.
    The message will read: "My wife never look like that!
    ;-) Best regards, (sender's name). Attachment:
    NakedWife.exe." Choosing the HELP/ABOUT menu in the
    "Flash" window displays a message titled "Flash" that
    reads "You are now F**UCKED! (C) 20001 by BGK (Bill
    Gates Killer)." If you receive the NakedWife e-mail
    message DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. Delete it immediately. And
    make sure your virus detection software is updated.
    --Cathryn Conroy

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