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    What about inviting Donald Knuth to write an article about
    faith relating to computer science.
    Donald Knuth is one of the most - if not THE most - respected
    computer scientists in the world.
    He is prof. emeritus at Stanford. His book series "The art of
    computer programming" is classic.
    Knuth is also a christian - as I have understood it.

    I just did a search on the web and found that Knuth delivered
    the "Pascal Lectures on Christianity and the University"
    at the University of Waterloo last year.
    Topic - "Glimpses of God: Faith and Computer Science".

    Best regards from Inge

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    >The recent comment by Jack Haas regarding the lack of
    >manuscripts dealing with Mathematics and Christian Faith on the
    >ASA website struck a chord within me. As current editor of
    >Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, I would be very open
    >to receiving manuscripts on this topic. It seems to me that the
    >theoretical foundations of mathematics may be ripe for Christian
    >Alternatively, what are the faith issues dealing with computer
    >science or informational systems? Anyone interested in writing on
    >that topic?
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