FW: PLEASE HELP: natural history museums, education experts and t he criationist debate

From: Hofmann, Jim (jhofmann@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 14:39:00 EST

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    I thought this may be of interest to some of you.
    Jim Hofmann
    Philosophy Department and Liberal Studies Program
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    Subject: PLEASE HELP: natural history museums, education experts and the
    criationist debate
    1. I need some help in contacting STAFF FROM NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS
    who would be willing to talk (e-mail or voice) to me about how they handle
    the creationist issue (with the public, in the planning of exhibitions and
    in dealing with interest groups). I am writing a series of articles about
    creationism in the US for Brazilian periodicals (both popular and academic).
    The conventional contact procedures are not being useful - maybe because
    this is a rather touchy issue in the US and people are afraid to talk. I am
    hoping to reach more open-minded people here. Again: this material will be
    published in Brazil, where this issue is risk-free - the teaching of
    Evolution is un-problematic here (that is why the American issue needs to be
    2. I would appreciate stories from anyone involved in the public debate
    on creationism in education: high-school teachers, education policy experts,
    administrators - anyone. I have already contacted the NCSE - I would really
    like to get first hand experience information now.
    3. I would like to contact SCIENTIFIC LITERACY experts.
    4. Any information and input is greatly appreciated and all credit will
    be given (except if you'd rather keep anonymous!!)
    Marilia Coutinho, Ph.D. marilia-coutinho@uol.com.br
    Núcleo de Pesquisas sobre Ensino Superior - USP
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    CEP: 05508-900 - São Paulo, SP - Brazil
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