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Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 08:48:26 EST

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    George Andrews wrote:

    I think one ought to allow for genuinely sincere people,
    interpreting to the best of their ability, what they are
    experiencing. This is the case for all of the World's
    religions that are not led by charlatans.

    Religious experiences are usually interpreted through a
    cultural framework. It seems most languages have some
    sort of words for spiritual matters (although I'm sure
    the anthropologists on this list could probably name a
    few exceptions). For the most part though, I think it
    safe to say that we are made to respond spiritually.
    _Sometimes_, I even stumble on common themes between
    Buddhist thought and our Judeo-Christian traditions.

    On the other hand, the framework around Buddhist thought
    is radically different and it hard for me to find a way to
    reconcile that. Having lived in Japan now for some 6 years,
    I suspect that the greatest gift I ever recieved was to
    have my framework built around the message of Christ. There
    are a *lot* of things that can run amok in Western culture,
    but I see now that at least the Gospel (when followed in
    obedience to Christ) is not one of them.

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

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