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Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 08:24:12 EST

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    Hello folks,

    here are some new books that may be of

    For those interested in Polkinghorne's writings..

    The work of love : creation as kenosis
    ed. Polkinghorne , Eerdmans publishing
    (to be published in May 2001)
    with contributions from Polkinghorne, J. Moltmann,
    A. Peacocke, I. Barbour ++

    Faith in the living God - a dialogue
    by Polkinghorne and M. Welker, SPCK
    (to be published in March 2001)

    For those interested in ID

    Science and evidence for design in the universe
    by M. Behe, W. Dembski, S. Meyer
    Ignatius Press, already published

    Signs of intelligence : understanding intelligent design
    ed. Demski and J. Kushiner, Brazos Press
    (to be published in February/March 2001)

    Regards from Inge

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