RE: Neanderthals, water, & human evolution

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Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 17:19:17 EST

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>Subject: Neanderthals, water, & human evolution

>That reminds me of a "New Scientist" article at..
>..attributing the divergence between man and apes to possible
>water adaptions.
>In light of Glenn's comments, I'm curious how credible this
>"theory" (and news source!) could be, and how it is received on
>this forum. Makes for fascinating sci-fi if nothing else!
>Cheers, Amen,
> Jim

I read the New Scientist article on the plane to London this week. I was
surprised that Philip Tobias was an advocate of the aquatic ape theory
(AA). He is a heavy weight in the field and one not to be ignored or called
a nut. Learning that he is now advocating this theory, I must admit, gave me
pause to consider my own ignoring of the AA view.. As to whether there was
an aquatic ape theory, I don't know. I do know that there is an awful lot of
emotions directed at that view--emotions that could be better spent in other
ways. Given enough time, the data will point us one way or the other.


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