RE: Rational Methodology for Evaluating Supernatural Claims

From: Joel Z Bandstra (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 13:57:35 EST

  • Next message: Glenn Morton: "RE: Rational Methodology for Evaluating Supernatural Claim" writes: To prove
    a theory you need more than just show some observations consistent with it,
    you also need to show there is no other successful explanation which means
    one needs PE to logically prove something true about reality.

    I suppose that, in this sense, we don't really have proof of any scientific
    theory, nor could we hope to. Science is not done under a framework of
    such logical rigor, it can't be done like that. It's a bit like saying
    that a song writer tries every possible combination of notes until he finds
    the combination that sounds the best.

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