Neanderthals, water, & human evolution

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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 16:53:28 EST

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    --- Glenn Morton <> wrote:
    > [...]
    > Indeed, preliminary analysis suggests that the Neandertal and
    > early modern
    > human inhabitants of Grotte XVI behaved in much the same way:
    > in both cases,
    > small groups of hunters seem to have used the cave for only
    > short periods
    > before moving on, and both hunted the same kinds of animals.
    > In fact, both
    > groups appear to have fished extensively, judging from the
    > abundant remains
    > of trout and pike, among other species. This finding is
    > particularly
    > interesting because Neandertals are not generally assumed to
    > have made use
    > of aquatic resources. Furthermore, Simek reports, Neandertals
    > may have even
    > smoked their catch, based on evidence of lichen and grass in
    > the Mousterian
    > fireplaces. Such plants don't burn particularly well, Simek
    > says, but they
    > do produce a lot of smoke. "People don't tend to think of
    > Neandertals as
    > using fire in very complex ways," he remarks, "and they did."
    > [...]

    That reminds me of a "New Scientist" article at..

    ..attributing the divergence between man and apes to possible
    water adaptions.

    In light of Glenn's comments, I'm curious how credible this
    "theory" (and news source!) could be, and how it is received on
    this forum. Makes for fascinating sci-fi if nothing else!

    Cheers, Amen,

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