evangelical Christian evolutionists

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Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 17:46:54 EST

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    Me for a start!!!
    Most of the British Christians in science;
    Berry, Gambell, Livingstone, Alexander,Lucas, Humphreys, Prance, Bott, Boyd, Burke, Jeeves, and lots more.

    Most evangelical Anglicans including Carey (Canterbiry). Derek Kidner,About 1/3 Anglican clergy are evangelicals, from conversations about 75% of these are evolutionists


    In britain one finds most evangelicals in old mainstream churches are at least old earth and most evolutionist, but are cReationist in Independent Evangelicals.

    My guess is that about 1/2 of ASA are evolutionists. someone else needs to check that out. My impression is that in the USA it is harder to admit to being evolutionist than in the UK

    Howard van Till (after all Pennock says he's brushing up against Creationists!!!!) Fuller crowd

    If I spent more time I could give a comnprehensive list but this gets as boring as logging diamond drill cores.

    For 1900 to 1960 I gave one typical example I do know his dates. Anti-evolutionism came in in the USA after 1920 - Ted will tell you all about it. Anti-evolution was muuch rarer in the UK so you might become a Darwinian yet.

    Please read Michael Ruse's new books Can a Darwinian be a Christian? and Darwin Wars both published in Oct/Nov 2000. The fiorst is excellent and very fair.

    Hope that's sufficient and your computer gets better quicker than mine.

    Glenn, when you come to Wales I will show Darwin haunts and tell you all about his first girlfreind Fanny who's buried in my church.


    A Christian who is a Darwinian

    or is it v.v.


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