Christian evolutionists

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Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 13:20:57 EST

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    What do you mean by evolution? Many in late 19 century accepted evoultion but said God intevened at life, conciousness, and humans. A sort of variant of 'liberal' ID.

    Try this for conservative Christian evolutionists;

    1860- 1880; Tristram (in 1858), RWChurch, JHNewman, G Warrington,CCBabington (who commissioned the Cambridge SEven), Gray, Dana, Fleure,

    1880-1900;* wrote for the Fundamentals Moule* BBWarfield *AAHodge, WHGriffith Thomas* (but may have changed) EALitton J Orr*, Iverach, GFWright, WWHow

    1900-1960; WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN(but not for humans) ( would he be given a proffesorship at Bryan College, Dayton Ten??)

    This list should do for starters.

    Incidentally Ted Davies will remeber our discussion at the ASA conference at Gordon trying to list 6 day creationists after 1855, we did not get to double figures.

    You see I am an old-fashioned Fundamentalist and stuck in the 1890s!


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