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Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 15:00:28 EST

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    glenn morton wrote:

    > The oldest known cuneiform texts with 12 equal zodiacal signs date to
    > the 5th century B. C. (van der Waerden 1974), suggesting that the
    > traditional zodiac was established by this time. Earlier records,
    > however, reveal that the signs were not always evenly spaced:
    > Babylonian texts dating to 700 B. C. (such as the mul APIN series)
    > contain not equal signs but irregular zodiacal constellations. This
    > discrepancy is a clue that the constellations of the ecliptic may not
    > have been originally conceived as a complete 12 part system. Indeed,
    > some of the zodiacal constellations we know of today were absent at
    > this time.” Alexander A. Gurshtein, “The Origins of the
    > Constellations,” American Scientist, 85(1997), , p. 266

            Just a note on this: As I said in my earlier post, the Arabic
    names of A & B Librae mean "the northern claw" & "the southern claw",
    pointing to a connection with the adjacent Scorpio. It's possible that
    the imagery of Joseph's dream in Gen.37:9 has some connection with this.



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