Salty Oceans

From: Jim Hofmann (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 01:49:00 EST

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    Greetings: As some of you know, I teach courses on evolution and
    creation with my colleague Bruce Weber at Cal State Fullerton. You can
    find our course at

    Jonathan Sarfati has recently posted a report on a young earth
    creationist argument published by Austin and Humphreys back in 1990.
    This is an argument based upon calculations of inputs and outputs for
    salt in the oceans. You can find Sarfati’s summary at:

    Glenn Morton responded to the Austin and Humphreys publication on two
    occasions that I know of:

    We have links to these sites on our course website at entries 23.10,
    23.10a, and 23.10b. We would greatly appreciate any additional technical
    resources on this debate (not simply references to it), especially those
    accessible to our undergraduate students. The “salty ocean” argument is
    a very widespread one and we would like to keep our students up to date
    on it.

    Thanks for your help.
    Jim Hofmann
    Cal State Fullerton

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