re: conservative writers and evolution

From: Preston Garrison (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 15:24:00 EST

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    >I may have missed some of this thread, in which case someone may have
    >already pointed this out. But I would accept Glenn's challenge to name
    >conservative writers who accept the age of the earth and evolution, by
    >naming these: BB Warfield, AA Hodge (not C Hodge), CH Strong, and J Orr.
    >Now it may be that they were not "conservative" by some definition, or that
    >they did not really accept "evolution", by some definition. Surely they all
    >accepted the antiquity of the earth, and by reasonable definitions (I would
    >argue), they were conservatives who accepted evolution.
    >Ted Davis

    I have seen a quote somewhere where J. I. Packer said he sees no exegetical reason to rule out evolution. Of course, I can't lay my hands on it now. Maybe it was on this group?

    Preston G.

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