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    [Paul Seely]

    | ...
    | I think it is also very important to recognize that if the Exodus
    | was in the 13th - 12th centuries, the Song of Miriam in Exodus 15 is
    | dated by competent biblical scholars to the 13th-12th centuries,
    | making it an historical testimony which cannot easily be set aside,
    | particularly by a lack of evidence on the other side.

    By the Song of Miriam you mean Exodus 15:20-21? I'm curious how those
    verses can be dated so precisely. What is involved in such an

    | ...
    | So, all in all, I still think it would be academically improper to
    | argue from the lack of evidence that there was no Exodus. The
    | biblical account may be telescoped and exaggeraated, but because of
    | Ex 15 if nothing else, it cannot be set aside as totally probably
    | false. Unless one rejects the 13th-12th century dating of the
    | Exodus, I would go so far as to say that Ex 15 makes the event
    | historically probable.

    Just the two verses, or the whole chapter?

    I'm so grateful for this list, I learn a lot from lurking here.


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