Re: Adam never met Eve

Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 14:20:05 EST

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    Dick wrote

    << I submit we can be better than honest. We can be informed. Cain did
     something we can substantiate. He built a city and named it "Enoch" after
     his son. Enoch, or E-Anna(k), is named in the Sumerian king list in the
     post-flood period. The name was corrupted to "Erech" the Sumerian "Uruk."
     It appears on maps of southern Mesopotamia, and it was excavated by
     Further, the En- prefix designates Enoch as a king or lord of that
     city. His cousin also bears the En- prefix suggesting he also reigned over
     a city or cult center.
     So the very best answer should be, "Let's find out." That's also three

    I don't see how you can have it both ways. If Enoch is the Hebrew rendering
    of E.Anna(k), then it cannot at the same time be the Hebrew rendering of
    En.(Och or whatever). As you know "E" means House; "En" means Master or Lord.
    I do not think you have made an academically sound case that "Enoch" is based
    on either word; but, in any case, it cannot be based on both of them at the
    same time.

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