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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 11:43:24 EST

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    George wrote a truly great response to this, one I shall save. He said, in

    "one of the basic problems with most Christian discussions of
    religion-science issues: They are _not_ connected with the cross and

    I think that has to be a central point of agreement among Christians. Else
    we run the risk of implicitly saying something else than Jesus Christ, and
    Him crucified, is of primary importance. I have studied origins issues for
    about 30 years now -- perhaps longer than that. I always insisted to anyone
    I discoursed with that the issues of origins were of secondary importance
    and that, if the TE position be "true," that just meant that my
    understanding of those secondary issues was faulty, not my acceptance of
    the Christ as my Lord.

    I still hold to this position, more firmly than ever.

    The family stories were told -- and retold. We call them "myths" today;
    they are really "family stories." Family stories are what everyone in the
    family accepts as being accounts of family history. Not history in the 21st
    century sense; just "family stories." When you refer to them, and you are
    not teaching history, you accept them, you don't qualify your remarks by
    suggestions that they may not be in accord with actual historical fact. To
    do so would simply dilute the message. That assumes you yourself are even
    aware that they may be referring to fiction rather than fact. I doubt that
    Peter, for instance, was ever aware of that possibility.



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